Emerald Peak Private Equity is an impact private equity firm investing with purpose and dedication in Latin America and the Caribbean to alleviate poverty and fight against inequalities in the region.  

We are a next generation investment firm: we go beyond simple financial gains as we seek to actively improve social and environmental conditions in Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and Belize) and similarly underserved regions of Mexico, the Andean countries (such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and the Caribbean

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Our vision of Latin America and the Caribbean is that of a region offering equal access to the resources and opportunities for its people and giving all of them the tools to live fulfilled lives free of poverty, violence and corruption.

Our strategy is bold yet simple: innovative combinations of businesses with strong regional potential and investing more in human talent, modern management processes and integrating the latest technologies. We create innovative companies that provide meaningful jobs, better career prospects and drive sustainable business models for all stakeholders involved.

Our mission is to establish the vulnerable countries in Latin America and the Caribbean as a bona fide destination within the institutional investment landscape where it is possible to invest in strong enterprises while improving the conditions of the people in the region. We see ourselves as trailblazers for international investors wishing to invest with impact in this region. Indeed, only a sustained and large scale international effort will ultimately eradicate the most abject poverty.

It is our hope that our actions will in turn inspire further actions by other institutional investors. 


We work to establish Emerald Peak as the pre-imminent impact private equity house in Central America and a trusted partner to those investors looking to make a difference in the region. We adhere to the highest standards of transparency and reporting and rely on a strong company culture to anchor our success.