“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Warren Buffet

Emerald Peak Private Equity is acquiring mid-sized companies located in Central America (i.e Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama), the Caribbean and select countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) valued between 3m-10m USD at 4-7x EBITDA.

We focus in particular on companies in the following sectors:

  • agribusiness & agtech 

  • health & healthtech 

  • circularity & cleantech

  • fintech & other tools for financial inclusion

We are investing in predominantly in established businesses with strong products or services, with potential to integrate with existing portfolio companies and with promising distribution channels (existing or to be developed such as export markets and e-commerce). 

We are interested in early stage ventures if their products or services can be combined with or have to potential to extend the products or services in our portfolio.

Our buy & build strategy allows us to diversify horizontally or vertically by adding companies the size of which would not be interesting on a stand alone basis.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Emerald Peak Private Equity is unlocking value from its portfolio companies by tailoring each portfolio company's strategic plan to its specific capabilities and market conditions.


Our approach is geared towards operating improvements rather than financial engineering. 


Where appropriate, we use the operational partner model to work with management of a portfolio company to implement change throughout the organization in order to boost margins and productivity. 


Our main focus for value creation is leveraging a successful business model and the existing products and services of a company on a regional level and integrating them in a consolidated supply chain. We also look to build on a company's existing management in order to extent the reach of its skills and networks.

Furthermore, we believe that a more dedicated effort to train the employees in technical skills relevant to a company's operations yields considerable improvements in their performance.

Similarly, a focused plan to introduce state-of-the-art IT solutions (and the appropriate training that comes with them) significantly increases the quality and reliability of a company's products and services allowing it to export to international markets.

We use a centralized procurement unit to drive cost savings on categories common to all the portfolio companies (such as travel, office supplies, IT hardware & software, insurance products, fleet management, logistics,...).

Regular interactions between Emerald Peak and the management of its portfolio companies on site allow for a better communication of goals, understanding of obstacles and identification of solutions. We are able to contribute our experience and our network for the benefit of the management teams and as a result accelerate opportunities in the region.