“The investments decisions we make today will have a profound, lasting impact on our economy, our environment and quality of life of current and future generations.”

M. W. Frerichs


At Emerald Peak, our mission is to ensure that growing businesses in underserved markets of Latin America & the Caribbean have access to the financial products and services they need to create sustainable, equitable and inclusive prosperity.


Each portfolio investment fulfills core values, reaches an impact-positive sector and creates additional economic, social and climate benefits in addition to financial returns.


Our investment strategy focuses on the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


Emerald Peak adheres to international standards regarding ESG measurement, monitoring and reporting.

We have integrated the following standards, principles and guidelines into our impact investing framework:

We use the IRIS metrics to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of our investments and to report annually on the progress of our impact investing efforts. 

At Emerald Peak, we strongly believe that impact investing will add value to the portfolio companies because it healthier and more  businesses.

Ultimately, impact investing is a mindset, a passion for helping other people, a desire to leave the planet in a better state than we have received it.

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"Innovation is change
that unlocks new value"

Emerald Peak relies on state-of-the-art IT solutions to drive rapid and effective execution of its strategic goals.

We use the same accounting platform for all portfolio companies to speed up the reporting and accounting cycles and deliver reliable dashboard metrics for senior management.

Sophisticated IT systems (using artificial intelligence and IoT) allow our portfolio companies to leverage big data in order to better understand its customers and to increase market share, develop new markets and adapt quicker to changing market trends.

We use cloud based and SaaS solutions to encourage greater mobility of talent and assure world-class data security.

Also, an important component of our approach to innovation is to create an internal knowledge center to share best practices among all portfolio companies and provide technical support at all levels (anti-bribery courses, anti-fraud training, process management, IT skills, foreign languages, six sigma, lean manufacturing,…).

Finally, we are innovating current financial practices within the portfolio companies by optimizing their working capital (cash flow management, cash pooling,...).

Our ability to invest in promising startups in the region further strengthens our quest for innovative technologies as we are constantly in contact with incubators, entrepreneurs and VCs that share with us the latest technologies available.