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If you are an owner or a sell-side advisor interested in discussing an opportunity with us we would be happy to hear from you.

Our current investment criteria are as follows: 

Geographic Focus

Central America and other underserved markets within LAC.

We divided the countries into 3 Tiers for business development and team rollout

  • Tier 1: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama

  • Tier 2: Ecuador, Honduras, Southern Mexico, Peru, and Colombia

  • Tier 3: Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and ROC

Sector Focus

  • Agribusiness and Agtech

  • Healthcare and Healthtech

  • Circularity and Cleantech

  • Fintech


Impact Focus: the opportunity is currently pursuing or has a clear potential to impact one or several of our core value SDGs and one or several of our impact target SDGs (see graphic).

Transaction value: between 5m USD to 15m USD


  • 100% of the share capital

  • Majority positions

  • Minority positions (under certain circumstances)

  • Convertible loans

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Simply click the button corresponding to your preferred language to initiate our sell-side analysis process.

We will then proceed with a high-level review of the opportunity and respond to you within two weeks on whether the opportunity is a good fit for us.


If we think the opportunity is interesting for our fund to pursue, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. In such a case, we will insist on carrying out formal due diligence with outside advisors (such as lawyers and auditors). This is a crucial step for us and the due diligence may result in our fund not wishing to proceed with the transaction.

By submitting an opportunity via the platform provided by clicking the link below, you agree to be bound by the following conditions:


  • Receiving an opportunity via this form does not oblige us to proceed with a transaction of any kind

  • You warrant that the information provided in the pipeline form is correct to the best of your knowledge at the date it is submitted

  • We will keep your information confidential and will not share it outside Emerald Peak without your prior written consent

  • Emerald Peak contracts with its buy-side advisors separately and does not pay buy-side fees or any other type of commission for opportunities submitted to us via the pipeline form

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