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Evil prevails if good people fail to act

Emerald Peak, as a principle, does not get involved in political discussions but recent racist and xenophobic comments made by the president of the United States compel us to respond.

It is deplorable that a person from a privileged upbringing is denigrating entire countries based on appearances from which he draws inferiority.

Looking down on others from an ivory (or in his case, gilded) tower is easy, but actually going to these places and looking for ways to help takes a whole other type of leader.

I am sure that the president has not visited most of the countries he is now denigrating.

If he had, he would have met people with great compassion and even greater hearts, that are welcoming to foreigners and open to change. All qualities that he is so desperately lacking.

I moved to Nicaragua from Luxembourg in 2015 after having visited the country on a regular basis since 2009.

In Nicaragua, I have found that the people are mostly joyful, they have warm personalities and take their life as it is. Above all, they never hesitate to share what they have however humble or modest it may be. They are always available to help where they can, no questions asked.

I found that the people work hard to improve their economic situation and their communities. They do look to improve their future.

By nature there are deficiencies in developing countries and these need to be addressed to make these countries better.

But I disagree with the president on how to do this:

Instead of blanket disapproval of entire countries (and their efforts and achievements) and retreat to protectionism (or isolation for that matter), we believe the path forward is to be hands on and provide tools and assistance on the ground. We believe that people have the capacity to improve their lives and sometimes it just takes somebody with a different experience or a different point of view to unlock untapped potential.

It is time to step out of the ivory tower...

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