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Standing with the people of Nicaragua

Photo Credit: NMiguel Escobar

While Emerald Peak Private Equity is fervently apolitical, we cannot stay silent in light of the recent acts of violence that have shaken Nicaragua.

According to media sources, the past 5 days of civil unrest have left more than 26 people dead and, according the the Red Cross, more than 433 people have been injured.

We condemn these acts of violence and appeal to all involved stakeholders to seek an open and honest dialogue towards a peaceful resolution of the situation.

The right to peacefully demonstrate for one's opinion should never be met with deadly force.

The freedom of expression and a free media do not need to be censured if the powers in place have nothing to hide.

Almost none of the major companies in Nicaragua has publicly taken a stance against the deadly use of force against unarmed citizens.

Is the status quo more important than basic human rights?

Funides and Cosep have taken a clearer position on the protests and have insisted on a minimum set of conditions necessary for a meaningful dialogue with the government.

We are convinced, now more than ever, that the people of Nicaragua deserve a fairer chance to build a more sustainable future.

The status quo is no longer possible once blood is on the streets. Change will come sooner or later. Disruption will sweep away the old ways.

We will continue to work towards the empowerment of the people in Nicaragua and Central America.

That is why we are here and why we stand in solidarity with those who fight for their rights.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

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