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Emerald Peak welcomes a new partner in major coup!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Emerald Peak Private Equity today announces the joining of Erik Geurts as partner further strengthening the leading Central America-focused private equity house. Prior to joining Emerald Peak, Erik worked for such reputable fund managers as Triodos Bank and Triple Jump in the Netherlands and responsAbility and BlueOrchard (in their Lima offices). He has 22 years of experience in impact investing (debt and equity) with emphasis on regulated financial institutions in emerging markets. Furthermore, he has gained a unique experience as a hands-on non-executive board member of investee companies in Latin America as well as Central and East Asia. "I feel privileged to join such a high-profile team looking to make a positive impact for the people in Central America. I know that region very well from my previous work and understand the necessities and issues its people are facing on a daily basis," says Erik Geurts. “Ultimately, I was drawn to this project because I believe private equity is a very powerful tool to fight poverty and inequalities in this region because it is a more dynamic form of capital than structured loans. The team at Emerald Peak has built a very impressive fund infrastructure that potentially can set a new standard for investing in Central America and maybe even beyond." Says Pol Thielen, founding partner at Emerald Peak: "Recruiting Erik to join our team is a major coup for our firm. Erik has a unique know-how in this region and his network built over the years with professionalism and dedication is second to none. Erik’s addition highlights all the efforts of the Emerald Peak team over that last months to build the reference private equity firm in Central America. Indeed, being able to attract the best talent in the region is a fundamental element of that goal. I am convinced that our team will be in a position to make a significant difference in this region.”

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