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UNSDGs 10 years to go: can we deliver in this decade?

According to a recent CDC podcast: "The start of 2020 marks ten years until the deadline to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite the growth of the impact investment market, the annual funding gap for reaching the goals is estimated to be $2-4 trillion."

The current state of the climate crisis (with its most recent catastrophic emanations in California and Australia), the level of ongoing plastic pollution of our oceans and the poverty that still drives thousands into migration are hardly encouraging signals that we will be able to deliver on the SDGs at the proposed deadline of 2030.

As the next generation rightly keeps pointing out: the time to act is NOW!

And yet, our leaders drag their feet either denying the very causes of the current crisis or being shellshocked by their occurrence and magnitude.

We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it. (B. Obama)

It is sobering to see policies and action plans looking to address particular issues by 2050 (carbon neutrality) or 2040 (eliminate coal). The technologies already exist today, what is lacking is the will to actually change the status quo, to give up our comfortable ways instead of fighting for real alternatives.

There is no justification that in 2020 (!!!) children should continue to live in poverty and be deprived of a future of opportunities.

How can you explain to this little fellow that if he were born in the US or in Europe his life would be radically different, just because of the lottery of life? How can you explain that the developed world is sitting on trillions of USD of dry powder, money that could actually make a big difference for his generation? How can you tell him that money that is actually earmarked for development is not reaching him because of antiquated investment models.

Who faces the bigger risk going forward: him or the finance providers?

It is a stain on all of us that we are not employing more effort and money towards the big issues of our time.

Yet, there are historical examples of the human race rising to challenges within a decade if it commits itself to a set of goals (however lofty they may be).

Emerald Peak Private Equity is in Central America to implement private sector solutions to fight poverty and inequalities affecting the people in this region. We believe we have a strategy that can bring this region a step forward and create new opportunities for current and future generations.

We are not here because it is easy but because it is hard!

Join us with any help, assistance, mentorship, contribution you want to contribute. The more people getting involved, the quicker we will make a difference and reach those elusive goals within this decade.

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