Our cross-border private equity team has a unique mix of backgrounds, skills and professional experience that sets it apart from most country focused investment teams.

Our team has been handpicked to cover valuation, banking, legal, portfolio management, risk management, sustainable development and operational aspects.


Our partners have more than 100 years of combined experience in international private equity transactions, cross-border M&A deals and entrepreneurship. As a result, they can draw on a carefully built network of entrepreneurs, HNWIs and institutional investors to identify investment opportunities and to gain access to first rate business advice and intelligence to make the most of the investment opportunities in this region.



Emerald Peak has been specifically designed to channel input from and collaboration with local talent contributing their expertise and skills at the level of the partnership, the advisory board, the investment committee or the boards of directors of the portfolio companies.

A central element of our approach is the fact that we are on the ground in Latin America which gives us an important advantage to prospect opportunities first hand, to directly supervise the investments made and to guide the management teams in the operations of the portfolio companies. 




Our aim is to become the reference private equity firm from Central America for investors wishing to take advantage of the current and future transformative combination opportunities in this region. We want to be a central player in the regional consolidation process. To that effect, we rely on our extensive international experience with US, Canadian and European PE houses.

To provide investors with the necessary assurances to deploy capital in this often mis-understood region, we are fully committed to the highest degrees of transparency and accountability. As such, Emerald Peak is an official endorser of the ILPA Reporting Template. We are also committed to other governance standards which we have worked into the DNA of Emerald Peak. While investors may have doubts about investing in this region, we have made sure that working with Emerald Peak shall not be a source of any such doubts.


We work with reputable international firms to provide, among others, audit, due diligence, fund administration, data management and IR services. We use the latest IT platforms and systems to enhance our reporting capabilities and satisfy our transparency obligations towards our investors.


We are proud of our company culture and believe that it helps us stay focused on what matters. We particularly emphasize the spirit of equality and respect as our guiding principles. This project is not about flattering our egos, but rather it is about using our skills and experience to help the most vulnerable members of our society, those less fortunate in the lottery of life.

Our company culture is built on the following pillars:









El Salvador



Nicole Bohren

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Nicole is a strategy consultant and M&A professional. In that capacity she has led and participated in over 40 different projects that involved developing, adapting, reformulating, planning and implementing companies’ strategies.


Previously, she was head of M&A LatAm at Roche.


After many years in Costa Rica, Nicole is now based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Andrey Dorado 

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Andrey has been a partner at the regional law firm Arias for 17 years. His practice focuses mainly on corporate and financial law. He is in charge of M&A and private equity in the Costa Rica office.


Andrey is one of the few lawyers in the region with hands-on experience in private equity transactions. Also, he has participated in a significant number of M&A transactions for national and international clients.

Andrey is based in San José, Costa Rica.

Tapio Wallenius

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Tapio is an international expert in development and climate finance, impact assessments and results based management, responsible business practices and strategic management. He has extensive experience in ESG frameworks and impact metrics.


Tapio is currently the managing partner of Condes Ltd. and was previously director of impact and strategy at Finnfund.

Tapio is based in Helsinki, Finnland.

 Bram Op de Beeck 

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Bram is a senior banker specialized in the development of global investment solutions and asset management.

He also has extensive experience in interdisciplinary wealth management, advising clients on direct financing solutions and philanthropic investments.

Bram is currently the head of Belgium & Luxembourg at Lazard Fund Managers.

He is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Lima - Los Angeles - Managua - Washington DC


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