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Emerald Peak is pioneering a new investment route in Central America

Our private equity project is ambitious: we want to put Central America on the map for international institutional investors.

While the leading impact investors and DFIs are already present in the region, the majority of mainstream investors are hesitating to invest in the countries of Central America often due to a misunderstanding of the actual risks in these countries.

The address these fears, our team is on the ground (currently with presence in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua) and is therefore in a position to monitor the investments made, to be close to the portfolio companies and source the best opportunities available.

No other private equity company with our depth of experience is on the ground in Central America.

Right now, the opportunities are plenty: for years a great number of companies in Central America have suffered from under-investment due to poor strategic planning and to lack of acceptable financing opportunities.

We are confident that our new route to the summit is successful and that it will be followed by more investors in the future.

The pioneers always face a more difficult path than the followers but the first-mover advantage generally is more rewarding.

If you want to learn more about the name of our project, please click on the slideshow below:

We do not agree that only because something has not been done before that it cannot be done this time around. We are setting out to prove that Central America can be better than its reputation and that you do not have to accept the status quo.

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