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We can no longer remain passive about the crisis in Central America!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

In the past weeks and months, we put a lot of efforts into building the reference private equity fund in Central America!

We have dedicated a lot of attention to building a simple and transparent structure with a strong culture of reporting and sharing information with LPs.

We are very much aware that Central America does not inspire a lot of confidence as an investment geography but we firmly believe that adequate processes can create risk mitigation to acceptable levels.

We have been making sure that the political climate in this region and up North do not dissuade those investors that are motivated to do what matters FIRST!

We have in particular been:

  • strengthening our regional network of potential investors (in particular regional family offices) and service providers (to introduce potential target companies and secure local financing if needed),

  • building a strong pipeline of potential target companies,

  • fine-tuning the fund's strategy (to allow us to scale the investments to bigger ticket sizes),

  • integrating the ILPA standards and other guidelines for better transparency and LP protection (we are one of only 26 GPs worldwide to endorse the ILPA reporting template ), and

  • identifying the best-in-class software solutions for data rooms, investor relations, reporting and accounting.

Our project exists to help the people in Central America! Their need is real!

We have designed our fund to be a dynamic tool to fight poverty and inequalities in this often forgotten region.

The situation of the Central American migrants is becoming worse by the day and the international community needs to take this crisis seriously!

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about our fund and how you can help!

We can no longer remain passive!

The people in this region deserve a fair chance at a sustainable life. Our goal is to create opportunities that provide meaningful jobs and access to technical training and continuous education for the most vulnerable people in this region.

Have we really done all we can to give these kids a chance at a better life?

This woman has been left to feed her kid with leftovers from a nearby fast food place. How sustainable is such way of living?

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